Monday, November 8, 2010


I have recently met some teachers and parents of students in Sekolah Kebangsaan Ong Tiang Swee in Batu Lintang Constituency and I was told the school since built in 1965 it is still a primary school. This has not been fair to those living in Ong Tiang Swee area and this is one area that the Opposition had always been returned with good votes. With growing population within Ong Tiang Swee and adjacent areas teachers and parents voiced out the need that the school be upgraded at least up to Form 6 level.

The parents told me that with challenging demand of present society in search of livelihood where they had to wake up early to beat traffic jams, they said it wound be stressful to send their children to secondary schools outside their area. The need to pick up their children from secondary schools outside the area in the evenings would cause much stress to the school children as well as they only could reach their homes quite late in the evenings. At the same time, the facilities of the said school had not improved much since 1965. The state government is urged to liaise with the federal government to see that the school be upgraded to secondary school in soonest possible. That is education in this school should be provided from kindergarten to Form Six level.

There is no reason that the school should not be upgraded as the matter has been long outstanding. Moreover, government land is plentiful in Ong Tiang Swee area. We now could observe that there are many government quarters being left abandoned in Ong Tiang Swee area and the land had not until now been put into good use. This abandoned land should be used to up grade or for the extension of this Sekolah Kebangsaan Ong Tiang Siang Swee. The school once upgraded should be equipped with modern facilities suitable for students’ need in the city.

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