Monday, November 8, 2010


Education is important in nation building and the matter is protected under our Federal Constitution. There should not be any discrimination against the Chinese community in area of education as every race and every Malaysian should be treated equally. With this, the state government is also urged to liaise with the federal government to build more Chinese primary schools in the State. Areas that both the state and federal governments should consider for the building of Chinese primary schools is in Ong Tiang Swee Road in Batu Lintang Constituency in Kuching. Chinese population in the area has been growing in recent years.

Mr. Speaker, I am also much concerned of the recent close down of the Chung Hua Primary School No. 2 which since colonial times had catered students in Padungan and Main Bazaar areas in Kuching. These students were then recently moved to a new site in Stutong area in which is very far for people of Padungan and Main Bazaar. The school had produced many brilliant businessmen and many are leaders in the Chinese community. What the Chinese community in Padungan and Main Bazaar areas need is a Chinese school not very far from their areas. So the best site, I humbly say would be Ong Tiang Swee area where government land is plenty. May both the state and federal government give serious thought for a Chinese school be built in Ong Tiang Swee area.

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