Monday, November 8, 2010


While there is a need to build more Chinese schools for the Chinese community, I regret that the Barisan Nasional government had not been sensitive enough to the needs of dayak community. I had once, if I am not mistaken, spoken about dayak education, and I am here pursuing the matter again for the community. We had gained independence for so long but, there is no full fledged dayak school in the state. I am afraid, many dayaks of younger generations to come will themselves not able to understand their culture and language well.

Although it may not be a policy of the Barisan Nasional government to build schools for every race in the Nation, but, we must understand that the dayaks are a huge population in the state and in Borneo. Would we in a multi-racial society like to see dayaks lose their identity and culture? On behalf of the dayak community, I hereby urge that at least, a Dayak Cultural School be built in the State, where dayak children and those interested in dayak culture and language can learn such dayak arts like ngajat, dayak music and customs. The Barisan Nasional government should understand that culture and language, if properly exploited can help boost our tourism industry.

Maybe with the same premises, an Indian Cultural School should also be set up to cater for our Indian community. The Indian community although small, but, had contributed their part to nation building and we should not forget them.

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