Monday, November 8, 2010


The state election is near, but, instead of talking about issues and how to solve issues for the betterment of the state, nation and everybody, what I heard most often is that voters talked about politicians as greedy people and people who are selfish and greedy for power. It is common now that one can hear a Yang Berhomat or his family member be allocated thousands and thousands of hectares of land by the government or was awarded lucrative government contracts and have flashy cars, big houses and properties overseas and living beyond means. Whether these could be true or not, shows that a political illness has to be cured. To attract foreign investments and to boost public confidence in our democratic system, the Country should act like what the Philippines did to Marcos and his family and proper legislations be passed to seize properties ill acquired or properties of those who lived beyond means.

People in the streets are also fed up because politicians instead to be thrifty and careful in public spending will come with ideas for mega projects such as the dams like Bakun, the crooked bridge, the 100 storey skyscrapers and so forth in the hope that they could be awarded the contracts to these mega projects, yet, with inflated costs. The inflated costs will go as political consideration for the award of the projects. It is legal no doubt, but, this is a form of corruption.

It is also common in coffee shops to hear members of the public to say why so and so who is a hard working and honest politician who has his heart close to the people been “killed off” by own comrades and opponents and so on. Although we could not run away from “coffee shop politics”, but, public confidence in our democratic system is waning with negative perceptions against politicians in both camps in this country.

Voters said they should be guided by issues and politicians should be clear in their struggle so that voters could judge for themselves who they should support and elect as their representatives. However, voters are frustrated, confused and sick as politicians are said self-serving and greedy. It is for these reasons that many young educated people are fed up with our democratic system which caused them left the country.

Now, we also have too many people who have not registered themselves as voters as they are also fed-up because we failed to solve the issues about cronyism, favoritisms, racialism, corruption, abuse of power and the like. As politicians, we should be the guiding force for change for the better and should be the guiding force to stop cronyism, favoritisms, racialism, corruptions, abuse of power and so on. If our struggle is not sincere, a day will come that we will regret for failing to do our part when we have the opportunity, but, failed and or neglected to do so.

God has given us everything and everyone should have enough to eat if we are not greedy, but, greed will destroy this world and more people will die of hunger.

We must remember God never sent us here to destroy each other and God never sent us here to take away the wealth that belongs to the country and people. We are only allowed to take what is ours only and we are not to rob others. In this planet, we only need three meals a day and if we eat more than that we may not be healthy. Perhaps, what we should need now is a bit of comfort and some savings for the rainy days. We must understand, once we leave this world, we bring nothing with us, but, only our name to our resting place.

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