Monday, November 8, 2010


The answering phones did not improve telephone services in statutory bodies and government departments. Many told me that these answering phones are irritating and a nuisance. When a phone call is made, the answering phone performed the job of a telephone operator. The answering phones will say that if you want to speak in English, press 1 and if you want to speak in Bahasa Malaysia, press 2 and so on. The answering phone will take a few minutes to finish talking before it may begin to direct you to which button you should press. As we all know, the longer we spend on the phone the higher our phone bill will be. This is definitely not fair to the consumers.

After pressing the necessary button, you will then be left to wait for the phone to be answered and at times the answer will never come. It is indeed very frustrating when asked to wait and yet you could get the officer to speak to you. What will happen if there is an emergency? The answering phone could not provide the immediate response needed. I would also propose that for government departments and statutory bodies where clients or customers rang up often, to install more phone lines so that there would be better accessibility.

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